In the past, we used to rely on classroom education. But now, anyone can get enrolled in courses in any part of the world from home. The students don’t need to go to the classrooms; they can sit in their bedroom and take the classes online.

E-learning has revolutionised the education system. It has removed physical boundaries and now students from any part of the world can get enrolled in a course without attending the class physically. Online courses are now as credible as traditional courses, and more people are opting for them.

Online courses, as opposed to traditional courses, are more convenient. The teachers use slide shows, graphics, and videos as course materials. They even interact with the students on a one-to-one basis. The students can learn at their own pace. Even the officegoers and at-home mums can take these courses despite their busy life schedules.

This magazine is about various online courses and training on different subjects such as human rights, management, health management, climate, etc. You will learn more about e-learning, the institutions that are providing these courses, and the benefits of these courses.

Online courses now allow students to get better job opportunities. As these courses are convenient to take, they can complete these courses while being engaged in other activities. Online courses are also less expensive than traditional courses. So, more students now want to do extra courses for an advanced career path.

Different organisations are also using online training programmes to train and educate their employees. These programmes make the employees more knowledgeable and productive. Thus, they become an asset for the company and help to earn more revenue.

In this magazine, you will learn all about these online courses, the institutions offering them, costs, and benefits. The articles here will motivate you to take up some of these courses to enhance your knowledge and open up more opportunities. We hope you will find our magazine useful and visit us regularly to get updated information about e-learning.