Top Free Online Courses on Sustainability

Many businesses today are incorporating the concept of environmental sustainability in their business. These businesses are not only concerned about their profits but also about the environment.

Fairtrade products, environmentally friendly packaging, humane working environments, etcetera are some examples of conducting business with environmental sustainability in mind. Here are some free online courses you can take on sustainability to gain more knowledge about it.

Change Management – University of Colorado System

This course focuses on the long-term benefits of changes. Students will learn about green design and sustainability reporting. They will develop leadership skills to bring about changes. Employee involvement is important in change management and the students will learn how to do it.

Climate Change – University of Colorado

Change in the long-term weather patterns is called climate change. Here students will learn about global warming. The topic is approached from various perspectives. The students will learn about the future impacts that humans can make on the climate because of the operation of their lifestyle and the activities that they do.

Corporate Sustainability – University of Colorado

Businesses must include corporate responsibility in their operations. The business owners must ensure that they don’t cause any negative effect on the environment by conducting their business in a certain way.

They should consider what value their business is giving to the consumers and environment rather than just thinking about the profit. It is possible to achieve both money and value if you properly conduct the business.

Energy – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

This course teaches about sustainable energy. Our natural energy reserves are limited, and they will deplete soon. So, we need to find sustainable alternative energy sources. Sustainable energy leads to decarbonisation.

The students will learn about solar, wind, and other renewable sources of energy. They will also learn about future energy choices. The students will learn about climate change and carbon emissions.

Environmental Economics – Doane University

In this course, the students will learn how pollution is related to economics and how it can influence the various sources of energy. Here, the students will learn about the tools related to natural resources. They will know how economic growth affects the environment. They will learn how to create value for the environment.

Environmental Impact – Rice University

Here the students will learn about treating groundwater. They will know about the effects people can have on the environment due to their various activities. The course will make the students more cautious about protecting the environment.

These online courses are well-designed with lectures, videos, and class notes. The students will learn about sustainability and how to reduce carbon emissions.